Best Places To Buy Nintendo Switch: Best Online Deals UK & US

The Nintendo Switch WILL get a release date on March 3… and you can pick one up without a pre-order

Best and Target will sell the Nintendo Switch on launch day and, best of all, you will not need to have placed a pre-order to secure a unit. All you have to do is turn up and hope they haven’t sold out.

Pre-orders for the console in the US have now sold out ahead of the Nintendo Switch’s release date on March 3. However, retailers all over the US are now confirming they will have consoles available for walk-in customers.

HOWEVER – all consoles will be doled out on a first come, first served policy, meaning you will have to turn up at midnight on March 3 in order to stand a chance of getting one.

Nintendo Switch Release Date Carnage

Most sources expect demand for the Nintendo Switch to completely outweigh the supply of consoles. This will mean waiting, frustrated consumers and lots and lots of queuing, likely be thousands of people, outside consumer electronics stores across the US.

Best Buy has confirmed it will hand out tickets to those that turn up early enough. Best Buy will only print tickets for available consoles, so if you get a ticket, you get a console.

Over 600 Best Buy stores across the country will open at 12:01 a.m. local time to sell the Switch. To check if a Best Buy near you is participating in the Switch launch, hit this link.

Nintendo Switch @ Target

Target will also carry the Nintendo Switch, however, there is no word on how many units the retailer has. All we have to go on is this leaked flier from Reddit.

Whatever happens, if you didn’t pre-order a unit you will almost certainly have to wait in line to pick one up on launch day.

This is why I pre-ordered one as soon as pre-orders were open.


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