15+ Video Editing Software Programs for Windows

With all the different platforms that are easily accessible through the internet, it’s fairly easy to find an answer to many of the questions that you may have. But this wide variety of options often creates conflicting information between one file and another.

For all the videos that exist online, there are several different file names they could end in, such as MPEG and AVI. That isn’t the only possible conflict that could occur when downloading a file from online. Sometimes the quality ends up being lower than we would like it to be or it isn’t compatible with our editing software if we wanted to shorten the video, for example.

Professional video editors aren’t cheap by any means, but they do result in the best end product and often have more options as to how a video can be edited with ease. But because majority of internet users are professional video editors, it’s much easier to have a free or cheap program that is easier for everyone to get

What Can I Use a Video Editor For?

Basically anything you want! The main uses would likely be shortening a video or combining multiple videos together so they become a single file. If you take a video on your phone or camera, it helps you make any color corrections, chop out sections you don’t want in the end product, and it can help make the audio quality better sometimes.

Luckily for you, there are many free video editing programs out there! This article is talking about the best 15 video editors for Windows users. Sorry to everyone without Windows, you should probably stop reading now. Although this list may help you find some more programs much more easily than hoping something good comes up on Google.

Windows Movie Maker

This program is typically already installed to any computer that has Windows as an operating system. This free video editor was made by Microsoft and, because it is typically readily available on Windows computers, it’s an incredibly popular program to use when you need to edit videos.

This particular program allows you to do perform many of the basic tasks a video editor can offer, like combining photos and videos together to form a single cohesive video, as well as adding in various transitions and effects. It is a very basic program in comparison with some of the others on the list. Or it at least feels that way with how well known it is!


This program one of the best video editors that are free for capturing and processing a video for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows devices. It doesn’t have all of the editing features programs like Adobe Premiere have but it is great for fast video linear operations.

Not only that, but it allows its users to process a large number of items at once with its batch-processing capabilities. It also mainly processes AVI files, but it can read MPEG-1 and BMP files as well.

This editor allows its users to compress videos, split them up, and add in audio to the videos. This one is the best to use if you decide you want to make some creative content!


This video editor is a little different from the other two I’ve mentioned so far because it was written in C++ and it mainly supports AVI, MPEG files that work with DVDs, MP4, and asf files. Not only does it support different files, it runs on most operating systems! If you use Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Windows, or Mac on your device, this is a good video editing program to get!

An additional note: this program is meant for basic and simple tasks in the video editing process, such as cutting the video, adding filters, and encoding the file.

Video Spin

This editor is a lot more forgiving towards beginners because of its easy-to-use interface, although many professionals would likely benefit from a nice design like this has. This editor is mainly used to add text, audio overlays, video effects, transitions, slideshows, and cutting out some unnecessary footage from the video.

Another cool feature of this software is that there’s a tool included to make or edit title screens! This editing feature includes things like sample titles or audio effects for easier use.

If you just want a video editor to create a small, simple, or easy to make video, this is probably the best option on this list. With this program, you can easily create a video presentation with video clips, photos, sound effects, and music.


One of the main traits that Was is well-known for is its ability for high performance and allows for flexible video compositing. Another cool feature that separates this video editing program from the others that have been listed so far is that Wax allows its users to create 2D and 3D effects.

This program can be used either on its own or as an addition to more professional video editors. It can “plug-in” to video editing software such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. There is work being done to add Wax as a plug-in to other software as well.


This editor is actually an editing program you have to pay for. Before you begin getting angry at my including this program onto the list, there is a free version of it, so you can still edit videos with it for free! The free version allows its users to record, convert, and stream various audio and video files.

On their website, they list the many libraries and uses that this program can have (which is likely focusing in on the version you pay for – sorry guys.) The best overview, if you would like more information, can be found here: https://www.ffmpeg.org/about.html.


If you’re familiar with free programs to make art or animations of any kind, you have probably heard of this one before. It is typically used to create 3D animations or characters. Another cool feature: it runs on almost every major operating system! So there’s a good chance it will work on your device too!

Some of its main features include modelling tools, character animation options, and other node-based materials. Definitely a good video editor to use if you want to include your own personal 3D models into a project you’re working on!


This program is geared towards editing movies. This means that it supports movie files like WMV, FLV, and MPG. The nicest feature about this program is that it allows its users to fine tune their videos a bit better than the other video editors on the list because it has sliders that appear after a selection is made so you can better adjust what you are trying to create. It also comes with many keyboard shortcuts so you can edit much more quickly!

Essentially the programs allows you to selected and/or delete many parts of a video file at one, then copy, past, and fine tune the selections and finally joining them together. One of the confusing parts of this program, however, is that status messages in regard to cutting messages can actually appear at the wrong times. Sometimes when you try to cut a selection within the movie file, the “Failure” message will still appear. Just make sure to check your own work!


Moviestorm is another good program to use to make 3D animated movies. It has everything you need to make a good cartoon, crime, or horror movie! Not only that, but their website, www.moviestorm.co.uk, has many resources and how-to guides for their users and how to use their program to its fullest potential.


Lightworks is interesting in how the pros and cons contrast one another. On the plus side, you have the ability to edit up to 256 videos, audio files, and still images at once. On the down side, the interface isn’t very user friendly so it can be very difficult to get adjusted to where all the tools are and what they do, especially if it the first time you use the program.

There is a free version of this program called Lightworks Free, which allows you to make use of all of the editing tools but you can only export your video files into MPEG-4 formats with a maximum of 720p resolution.

Cinefx Jahshaka

This program is a video compositor and editor that uses OpenGL an OpenML hardware rendering so users can interact with their work in real time. This basically means that the application can be used across several different platforms while still keeping all of its computer graphics as well as paint and image modules intact.

The suite this application is a part of, Jahshaka, allows its users to playback videos, edit, encode videos, animate, and add visual effects while it is offline.

Here’s a cool fact about this program! It’s actual the first open-source editor that allows its users to edit and add in effects in real time in the entire world. No wonder its slogan is “Jahshaka, Reinventing Hollywood.”

AVI trimmer

So the name of this program speaks for itself, mainly. It works at incredibly fast speeds and prevents damage from occurring to the video you are creating. It also ensures that no video or audio lowers in quality or goes out of sync after the editing is done. It’s pretty easy to use and it doesn’t involve an encoding or decoding process. It supports any and all AVI and MKV formats, no matter the size.

AVI Tricks video editor

This is another very easy to use software for beginners! It looks complicated at first glance and doesn’t have the most interesting interface, but once you get a feel for the program, you’re likely to be able to easily accomplish your tasks.

The application allows users to easily join videos together or cut them apart, import multiple clips that need to be processed, and apply effects that are overlay or filter based. This means you can create things like subtitles and GIF animations while being able to adjust the lighting and sharpen edges. Once you are done editing, you can look at a preview of the video to see how it turned out.

Dvd Knife

Again, the name speaks for itself. It easily takes clips from your DVDs. The movie can be clipped and cut down in 3 clicks and then stored in the VOB file format. This is a good program to use if you want to watch your favorite movie clips without watching the rest of the filler within the movie. You could also use this if you want to just share a small clip from a movie with a friend instead of making them sit through a whole movie.

ZS4 Video editor

This application isn’t as create as the other programs listed so far as it really only provides you with the opportunity to use the bare minimum of what is needed to edit videos. It essentially just allows you to combine photos, videos, and other forms of media into a single file.

I haven’t seen too much information about this editor floating around, so I don’t think it is nearly as popular as some of the other programs on this list. That’s why I’ve placed it at the bottom of it instead.

Final thoughts

Free video editing programs are great for those without a lot of spare money to devote to their hobbies or passions. But they aren’t always user friendly and they can be more difficult in some ways to use because they might not have all the tools a professional editing program does that you pay for.

These programs I’ve mentioned above, however, are probably the best out there. They do give you a lot of tools to work with still, plus they are free to use!

Take a look at the list and try a few of them out! What’s the worst that can happen?

For all those who don’t own a device that runs Windows, try some of the applications that run on various operating system platforms. Or see if Google comes up with a result that would work on your particular computer or device that is similar to the ones listed above.

Best of luck finding a new program to use, and have fun editing!



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