Download The Modded APK of Tweakware v6.0 to Fix Annoying Ads

Tweakware is one of the popular VPN apps, it’s very easy to configure, already preconfigured with cheap and free browsing cheats for the users to enjoy. Moreover, the app makes it possible to hide your real location by using a different IP from different regions or countries while accessing the Internet and much more.

The recent release of Tweakware, version 6.0 has updated with the new servers and it was configured to work Etisalat and Glo free browsing tweak, but unfortunately, only Glo 0.0k tweak is working with it at this moment. However, TweakwareVPN admin promised to fix the issue of etisalat 0.0k that stopped working, let wait for their update.

For those that are using it now to browse with Glo 0.0k tweak, I can see how you people lament over the disturbing two much advertisements on the free version of this new Tweakware version 6.0.

Big kudos to one of our devoted fans: Ibrahim Majjelhajj. He has cleared up that issue for us by removed the annoying advertisements via the Lucky Patche

If you don’t know how to remove the app advertisements via the Lucky Patcher, simply download Majj tweakware mod.apk via the link below.

Modded APK of Tweakware v6.0 by Majj – Download Now

Make sure you uninstalled the previous one, before you install this Modded APK of Tweakware v6.0
After that, you can start enjoying your free servers without irritating ads.


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